Monday, February 1, 2016

Monthly Goals : February

I love these monthly goal posts. They're a great chance for me to look back at what I accomplished throughout the month as well as a chance for me to see where I could have improved. I have a lot of big dreams & I've found the best way to not lose sight of them is to create small monthly goals to get me closer to the big one.

Let's start with a glance at how I fared with my January goals. I've decided to give myself a grade for each goal, high school style.

                                   Whole30 : A-
Typical Whole30 Macro Breakdown for me
I wrote a post, which you can find here, and I'll likely write another recap once it's said & done, but Whole30 is NOT for me. While I'm too stubborn to quit before the 30 days is up, I am counting down the days until I can make myself a big ol' bowl of oats with greek yogurt. For the record that will be Wednesday. So, why do I only get an A-? I could have done better. I embraced smoothies, which are a Whole30 no-no based on the principle. And when I got bored I made very few new recipes. I just didn't have the mental energy. Is it Wednesday yet?

 Track all meals using MFP : B+
There were some days this just didn't happen. Mostly weekends. It just would slip my mind until I was logging food for Monday. By then I usually couldn't remember what I had eaten to go back in & track it. I do eat a fairly repetitive diet, or at least the past few weeks have been that way. I plan to keep tracking to see how I feel after Whole30 & how that relates to a nutrient breakdown.

 No workouts missed : C
I just dropped the ball on this one. My mile time trials have NOT been happening. I've had to shorten many of my speed & strength workouts because I've been getting to the gym late. All because I am Queen of the Snooze Button.

Oh yeah! I've been good with this. A few minutes here & there really do add up. The BF & I make it a point to really stretch after we hike as well which is always a great help.

3 item to-do list : A for effort, B- for execution
I've been really great at creating my 3 item to-do list each day, or even for the week. And I've been average at the execution. No excuse. Just getting caught up in other less important things & always thinking I have more time than I really do. I am famous for looking down at the clock, realizing it's 10PM & I've been glued to my chair since dinner time.

10 pushups + 10 squats each day : B+
I'm caught up...but I've definitely been forgetting on the weekends, leaving me to do makeup push-ups come Monday. I'm not quite in the habit of this one yet.
So, what are my February goals?

{10 push-ups + 10 squats + STRETCH + 3 item to-do list}
You'll see these the whole year through. It's the best way to keep myself accountable.

{continue to track meals using MFP}
As I work to fine tune what foods do & do not work for my body & my goals, I like to be able to look back & see what I ate & how that might correspond to feeling great // poorly later.
{no workouts missed}
 So January was so-so in this department. I'll have a short month of workouts since I'll be headed to New Zealand for 10 days, so I've got no excuses.

{keep my minimalist momentum}
I posted personal goals for 2016 last week. One of them was to work on getting rid of some of my many possessions that I don't use or don't need. Last Thursday I went through a closet & 2 dresser drawers of t-shirts. I got rid of 50% of the t-shirts, now down to 1 dresser drawer & about 75% of the items in the closet. The other 25% being seasonally relevant items or fancy schmancy outfits. I want to keep this going. I've set aside a few evenings to clear out different rooms // areas of my apartment & get rid of all the excess.
{pack for NZ using only carry-on luggage} 
This shouldn't be too hard. I went to Hawaii in 2014 for 2 full weeks & managed to pack using only carry on luggage. I expect this trip will be about the same. I'll pack a nice outfit for a fancy dinner + some versatile tops // bottoms. The rest of my clothes will be geared towards outdoor adventures. The BF is committed to this as well. A+ for how much easier it makes travel. & is a huge relief, knowing that my bags will definitely make it there with me.

What are your February goals?
Share your favorite packing tip // trick with me!

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  1. It is so hard to pack. I ALWAYS pack more than I end up needing. But I'd rather that than underpacking and not having something I need. Anyway, I wish I had some good tips for you but I almost always check a bag when I travel for more than a couple days. Here's a great post from the author of the Zen Habits blog, who has a lot more mastery over the issue of packing than I do!

    So, I don't know much about Whole 30 but I'm a little puzzled as to why smoothies in general are a no no?

    1. Thanks for the link to the Zen Habits blog, I just opened the page to take a look.

      Smoothies are generally a no no on Whole 30 for a few reasons. One being they say you shouldn't drink your calories. Two being that it would mimic foods that you shouldn't rely on, sweet drinks & "meals" lacking protein. & three being that eating & chewing sends different satiety signals to your brain vs drinking. Shrugs.

  2. A trip to New Zealand sounds incredible! I've tried to get better at packing but always get mired in the "just in case" mindset. Standing in my closet this morning attempting to find a certain top, I vowed to tackle cleaning it out. I'm willing to bet I only wear 10% of what is in there. But there again "just in case" takes over. I really like your 3 Item To Do List concept. I'm going to give that a try! Thanks for linking with us Jessie.

    1. I was really big on just in case until I realized that I'm not traveling to Antarctica. If I really need something I'll just buy it.

      As far as my closet goes. When I moved in October I segregated all the stuff I knew I hadn't worn in a while. When I was cleaning the other day I realized I hadn't had any need to wear it, so out the door it went.

  3. I've been in a huge decluttering phase too. It feels so good to release things no longer needed!

    1. Woohoo Wendy! It really does. Keep the momentum going!

  4. Your trip sounds fabulous! Putting out there your goals an seeing where you are each month is huge! That way your not falling too far behind and can correct or focus on them the next month! I so need to do a cleaning out of my closet and yea why on earth do we need like 100's of t-shirts? Why I continue to hang on to ones that are years old I do not know! Thanks for linking with us!!

    1. Tricia, I kid you not, I had over 300 tshirts at one point. Like I could almost go an entire year & never re-wear. I got rid of some ones I know I had owned for 10+ years. & many more went to be made into a quilt for a future gift to me from my Mom.

  5. ahhh NZ! this is awesome. i packed for Australia using only a carry on, and I plan on doing Oz + NZ using only a carry on next year and i may or may not have already started planning what to pack lol

    good job on the whole 30, even if you've discovered it's not for you. i have never attempted it, but i know it's not for me either. i love smoothies, for one, haha, but also i just really like beans and legumes and they are a huge part of my diet.

    10 pushups + 10 squats a day is a great idea, plus a bunch of stretching here and there. i do a lot of squats in body pump and when i work out with my husband, but my pushups are... non existent. we do a few in pump but not well. i used to be able to do them so i think i might start doing those, just 10 (or 5 lol) a day. i definitely need to stretch more, just 10-15 minutes before bed would help, i know.

    thanks so much for linking up with gretch and i, good luck with your feb goals!

    1. 5 or 10 a day really makes a HUGE difference, I can already feel it.

      Haha, glad I'm not the only one who plans ahead with packing. I've had a running list of what to pack in my head for MONTHS!

  6. Love it! Join the minimalist train with me :) I've found some great podcasts if you want some recommendations! They're helping a lot, plus it's easier to get through than some books on the subject! Thanks for joining in the linkup!

  7. Your trip to New Zealand sounds like fun. I always pack more than I need no matter if it's for the weekend or a week away, so I don't have any tips in that department. I do like to make a list of essentials ahead of time though, so I don't forget the important stuff.


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