Monday, January 25, 2016

Weekend Highlights : Walking in a Winter Wonderland

All week meteorologists had been calling for Winter Storm Jonas to dump feet of snow up & down the East Coast. Pittsburgh went from getting up to 2 feet to getting a few inches, to getting 4 inches to getting only an inch or two depending on what part of the city you lived in. It was never supposed to start before the Friday end of day commute.

20 minutes deep into cleaning off my car
It started snowing Friday afternoon around 2 or 3 PM.  It was super windy & just enough snow stuck to the ground to make my commute home a pain in the ass.  I hunkered down Friday night, and by 8PM or so our Saturday group run had been cancelled due to the weather, the roads were awful (per the BF who was out at work driving) & the snow was still coming down.

A few runners made a plan to meet at noon at North Park, as they're known for their quick snow removal efforts. But, come 10AM it was still snowing hard & the roads were not yet plowed, so that run got bagged as well.

Around noon I finally braved the outdoors to clean off my car (BTW, what a time to realize I do NOT own a snow shovel...oops) & head out for the day. My house got probably 6 - 8" whereas the BF, 20 minutes north got only 2 - 4".

Once I got to the BF's house we downed a pot of coffee & put on an episode of Making a Murderer on Netflix. Anyone else watching this? Don't spoil it. We're only 3 episodes deep. Dinner was with the "in-laws" & company before we headed out with a few friends to celebrate a birthday.

Sunday we met up with our friends Ryan & Rachael for some winter hiking. We met them at Duff Park, a new to me area. The trails were impeccably well marked, both at intersections & well blazed along the way. Something I very much appreciated. 

Ryan hiking at Duff Park

While the BF & I are not novice hikers by any means, and I would consider myself to be in fairly good shape, Ryan & Rachael put us to shame. As the BF & I wheezed our way up hills through the almost FOOT of snow, they each plodded along beside us talking like it was nothing.

After we got back to the cars we headed to nearby Pleasant Valley Park for another mile or two of hiking before calling it a day & heading to a late lunch at North Park Lounge, an originally local sports bar that has grown into a small chain.

While you'll still never hear me cheering when the forecast calls for snow, I definitely had a fun time traipsing through it Sunday. A reminder that it's not all bad.

Per usual, I'm linking up with HoHo Runs & MissSippiPiddlin for their Weekly Wrap, thanks for hosting ladies!

Did you get hit by Winter Storm Jonas?
Weekend snow storm, yay or nay?
What was the highlight of your weekend?


  1. I started watching the netflix movie but I've only got one episode down. Please tell me it continues to hold my attention. I kept thinking there are how many episodes after this and we are half way through what I think is the whole story. It's ok to spoil it a bit, I'm about to give up on it! Hey they do have a podcast out about the making of it, which is what got me to wanting to watch it. You may want to check that out! No snow to report here thankfully! Highlight of the weekend was watching kids chase around loose chickens.... Ha!

    1. Honestly, the first episode was very slow. I was persuaded to keep watching. Second episode is better. But it really picks up in 3 & 4. Baby spoil...though you probably already know this...the guy is accused of murder. But they start to reveal evidence. & I go from thinking he is guilty, to not guilty all in one episode. I'm sucked in now!

  2. Sunday was really nice when it warmed up a bit and the sun came out in the afternoon. Glad you got to enjoy it. Snow hiking is challenging but fun!

    1. It really was quite the workout. Harder than my usual long run I thought!

  3. It sounds like a fun weekend! We didn't get snow, just cold air and wind. I would enjoy a hike in the snow and it sounds like a great workout too. Have you ever used snow shoes? I guess it wasn't deep enough for that? On my bucket list is riding in a one horse open sleigh. But it certainly won't be around here. Thanks for linking with us.

    1. I've never used them, but my friend was supposed to borrow some from her work & bring them for us to try. It totally slipped her mind, so unfortunately I haven't had a chance to try. But I want to!


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