Wednesday, December 23, 2015

WIAW #3 : Tacos

Pickins are slim around these parts right now. Tomorrow, or I suppose today since this post is for Wednesday I'll be heading to KY to start off my week of Christmas travel. Since I'll be gone about a week my goal was to use up as many perishables as possible. I hate having to throw food away because I didn't plan well.

Welp, I think that's been accomplished. There is officially nothing left to eat. Except a few cans of weird things I never should have bought.

So, apparently the theme of my eats on Monday was tacos. Though I didn't plan it this way. The real theme so far has been if it can't be frozen, it must be eaten. So, things got weird today.

Previously frozen bagel (probably remnants frozen before I left town some other time) + cream cheese scavenged from the work fridge made up breakfast.

Lunch was tacos round 1. I used Thanksgiving turkey, avocado, salsa, corn & some peppers & onions that needed used up. I think some cheese made it on there too. Odds and ends from different bags if I recall correctly.

I headed to Target at lunch to pick up some things I had ordered online. I was already hungry and ventured over to their food aisles to pick up a snack. I found this yogurt which was delicious. Vanilla greek yogurt, with caramel sauce on the bottom, and a little side cup full of chocolate bits & almond pieces. Crunchy & sweet.

Dinner was tacos round 2. I headed to the BF's house, but knew I was on my own for dinner as he wouldn't be home from work for an hour or two. Much to my chagrin I was greeted with this sight when I opened the fridge. A fridge full of Yuengling (beer) & Coke & some leftovers well past their prime.

Uhhh, what the heck was I supposed to make myself for dinner? Believe me, ordering a pizza crossed my mind. But then I remembered some corned venison stashed away in the freezer. Think corned beef, but made from deer. Taste is pretty spot on. Mmm, salty meat.

So, I scoured the extensive array of condiments taking up the whole door of the fridge & found sauerkraut & thousand island dressing. Mexican blend cheese was my only option, but hey, some cheese is better than no cheese. Next thing I knew my Ruben tacos were born.

2 mini tacos was definitely not enough. But I was out of cheese, meat & taco shells, so a 3rd just couldn't happen.

Side note : I'm not a wine person by any means. I know what types I like, but I can't take a sip and be all "oh I can taste the oaky aftertaste & hint of berries" or whatever people who know things about wine say. Anyhoo, this wine was genuinely flavorless. I've had wines whose flavor I am not a fan of, too dry, too sweet, what have you, but this just did not taste like anything. So, if you're looking to pick up a bottle of red, don't make it this one.

I then spent the next 3 hours complaining I wanted something to eat, but that nothing sounded good. And just repeatedly opening the fridge & freezer hoping something tasty would appear. Spoiler alert : It did not. I settled for a grapefruit & went to bed unsatisfied.

Anyone else with a fridge as bare as mine?
Are you a wine drinker?
Hard shell or soft shell tacos? Soft shell, all day every day.

I'm linking up for WIAW today with Arman to share my eats.


  1. Ha ha! That's totally how it is for me when I'm about to go away somewhere--I don't want to buy new food so just scavenge what I have. Looks like you were pretty successful. Have a great holiday, and safe travels!

    1. Thanks Jennifer, same to you!

      The only thing I'm not looking forward to is going grocery shopping right away upon my return. :/

  2. I HATE when I can't find any foods to satisfy a craving. It's the worst when all you want is something but nothing sounds good!

    1. Yes! Haha. The BF just kept asking what I wanted. He offered to go get something just so I would shut up. But I didn't even know what I wanted.

  3. Oh man I've been there before. Sometimes its not even because I have somewhere to be. More often I'm just too lazy to go out and buy more food hahaha I think what you came up with looks tasty though!

    1. Oh man. I'm at the grocery store like clockwork each week. I love food way too much to ever run low. Haha

  4. Our fridge is kind of nicely full. It's not too full or empty, but my mom just went shopping 2 days ago, so I would be shocked if it was empty. SO THANKFUL for God's abundant provision every day. It is an amazing blessing.


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